Research interests
Development economics, conflict, industrial policy, international trade

My research papers are available at
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Working Papers

Firms amid conflict: Performance, production inputs, and market competition (with Davide Del Prete and Aminur Rahman) [PDF]   Revise and Resumit, Journal of Development Economics 

Facing Displacement and a Global Pandemic: Evidence from a Fragile State (with Francesco Fasani, Valerio Leone Sciabolazza, and Vasco Molini) CEPR DP 17104 CReAM DP 08/22 [PDF[submitted] 

Migration in Libya: A spatial network analysis (with Valerio Leone Sciabolazza and Vasco Molini). World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9110 [submitted]

Conflict exposure and labour market outcomes: Evidence from longitudinal data for the Gaza Strip (with Valerio Leone Sciabolazza) [submitted]

Finance, informal competition, and expectations: A firm-level analysis (with Emanuele Brancati and Aminur Rahman)

Conflict and firms' performance: Geo-localised evidence from a global dataset (with Emanuele Brancati, Roberta Gatti, Asif Islam, and Aminur Rahman)

Weather shocks affect trade policy: Evidence from PTAs (with Francesco Amodio, Leonardo Baccini, and Giorgio Chiovelli)

Trade liberalization and political violence: Evidence from North-South cooperation (with Francesco Amodio, Leonardo Baccini, and Giorgio Chiovelli)

Permanent Working Papers

Product market competition and the labour market: Evidence from South Africa (with Francesco Amodio, Yifan Li, and Patrizio Piraino). WIDER WP 2020/39 [PDF]

Heterogeneous entrepreneurs, government quality, and the effectiveness of industrial policy (with Giorgio Fabbri and Vincenzo Lombardo)

Survey of Economists' Opinions on the Economy