Research interests
Development economics, conflict, industrial policy, international trade

My research papers are available at
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Working Papers

Conflict exposure and health: Evidence from the Gaza Strip (with Valerio Leone Sciabolazza), HiCN Working Paper 340, R&R Health Economics

Migration in Libya: A spatial network analysis (with Valerio Leone Sciabolazza and Vasco Molini). World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9110 [PDF]

Firms amid conflict: Performace, production inputs, and market competition (with Davide del Prete and Aminur Rahman)

Trade Agreements: What do governments maximize? (with Francesco Amodio, Leonardo Baccini, and Giorgio Chiovelli)

Trade liberalization and political violence: Evidence from North-South cooperation (with Francesco Amodio, Leonardo Baccini, and Giorgio Chiovelli)

Product market competition and the labour market: Evidence from South Africa (with Francesco Amodio, Yifan Li, and Patrizio Piraino). WIDER WP 2020/39 [PDF]

Heterogeneous entrepreneurs, government quality, and the effectiveness of industrial policy (with Giorgio Fabbri and Vincenzo Lombardo)

Permanent Working Papers

Conflict, economic shock and child labour in Palestine (with Tushar K. Nandi), HiCN Working Paper 74

Survey of Economists' Opinions on the Economy