1) Journal articles

a) Development Economics

b) International Trade

c) Economists' Opinions

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1) Journal articles 

a) Development economics  

Trade liberalization, economic activity, and political violence in the Global South: Evidence from PTAs

(with Francesco Amodio, Leonardo Baccini, and Giorgio Chiovelli) 

Economic Policy, 2024, March, eiae024 [PDF]

Finance, informal competition, and expectations: A firm-level analysis 

(with Emanuele Brancati and Aminur Rahman) 

World Development, 2024, vol. 173, 106408 [PDF]

Firms amid conflict: Performance, production inputs, and market competition 

(with Davide Del Prete and Aminur Rahman) 

Journal of Development Economics, 2023, vol. 164, 103143 [PDF] [Appendix]

Conflict exposure and labour market outcomes: Evidence from longitudinal data for the Gaza Strip

(with Valerio Leone Sciabolazza)

Labour Economics, 2023, vol.85, 102439 [PDF]

Facing displacement and a global pandemic: Evidence from a fragile state

(with Francesco Fasani, Valerio Leone Sciabolazza, and Vasco Molini)

Journal of Demographic Economics, 2023, 1-26  [PDF]

Migration in Libya: A spatial network analysis 

(with Valerio Leone Sciabolazza and Vasco Molini)

World Development, 2023, vol. 163, 106139, Lead Article [PDF]

Security, trade, and political violence

(with Francesco Amodio and Leonardo Baccini)

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2021, Issue 19-1, 1-37, Lead Article [PDF]

Conflict exposure and health: Evidence from the Gaza Strip

(with Valerio Leone Sciabolazza)

Health Economics, 2021, vol. 30 (9), 2287-2295 [PDF]

Be wary of those who ask: A randomized experiment on the size and determinants of the enumerator effect

(with Nathan Fiala)

World Bank Economic Review, 2020, vol. 34 (3), 654–669 [PDF]

Learning the hard way: The effect of violent conflict on student academic achievement

(with Tilman Bruck and Sami Miaari)

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2019, vol. 17 (5), 1502–1537 [PDF]

Effect of parental job loss on child school dropout: Evidence from the Occupied Palestinian Territories

(with Roberto Nisticò)

Journal of Development Economics, 2019, vol.141, 102375 [PDF]

Education is forbidden: The effect of the Boko Haram conflict on education in North-East Nigeria

(with Eleonora Bertoni, Vasco Molini, and Roberto Nisticò)

Journal of Development Economics, 2019, vol.141, 102249 [PDF]

The effects of conflict on fertility: Evidence from the Rwanda genocide

(with Kati Krahnert, Tilman Bruck, and Roberto Nisticò)

Demography, 2019, vol.56 (3), 935–968 [PDF]

Making do with what you have: Conflict, input misallocation, and firm performance

(with Francesco Amodio)

Economic Journal, 2018, vol.128 (615), 2559-2612 [PDF]

Selected for the Economic Journal Virtual Issue  "The Economics of Conflict"

The effect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on child labour and school attendance in the West Bank

(with Tushar K. Nandi)

Journal of Development Economics, 2013, vol.100 (1), 107-116 [PDF]

Consumer boycott, household heterogeneity and child labor

(with Giorgio Fabbri)

Journal of Population Economics, 2013, vol.26 (4), 1609-1630 [PDF]

b) International trade

Agricultural comparative advantage and legislators’ support for trade agreements

(with Francesco Amodio, Leonardo Baccini, and Giorgio Chiovelli) 

Journal of Politics, 2022, vol.84 (2), 1244–1249 [PDF]

Informality, tariffs and wealth

(with Nelson Correa)

The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 2013, vol.22 (4), 477-508 [PDF]

Uncertainty, specialization and government intervention

(with Marco Valente)

Metroeconomica, 2013, vol.64 (2), 215-243 [PDF]

Uncertainty and the optimal level of specialization

(with Marco Valente)

Research in Economics, 2012, vol. 66, 213-218

Labour mobility and the redistributive effects of trade integration

(with Carlo Devillanova and Pietro Vertova)

Journal of Economics, 2010, vol.100 (2), 95-115 [PDF]

Uncertainty, trade integration and the optimal level of protection in a Ricardian model with a continuum of goods

Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2008, vol.19 (4), 315-329 [PDF]

The evolution of world export sophistication and the Italian trade anomaly

(with Federico Tamagni)

Rivista di Politica Economica, 2008, January-February, 20-35 [PDF]

c) Economists' opinions

Schools of thought and economists' opinions on economic policy

(with Luca De Benedictis)

Eastern Economic Journal, 2016, vol. 42, Issue 3, 464–482 [PDF]

Are mainstream and heterodox economists different? An empirical analysis

American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 2013, vol.72 (5), 1315–1348 [PDF]

Economists' view about the economy: Evidence from a survey of Italian economists

(with Luca De Benedictis)

Rivista Italiana degli Economisti, 2011, vol.XVI (1), 11-59 [PDF]

d) Other

Technology and the environment in the history of the economic thought

(with Marianna Belloc, Simone D’Alessandro, Francesco Drago and Pietro Vertova)

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues, 2008, vol.8, n.4, 311-334

[Special Issue on ’Innovation, Development and Environment’]

e) In Italian

L’anomalia del modello di specializzazione italiano e l’evoluzione del commercio internazionale: una analisi quantitativa

(with Federico Tamagni)

QA - Rivista dell’Associazione Rossi Doria, 2008, vol.3/4, 79-104

2) Book

The Private Sector amid Conflict: The Case of Libya

(with Aminur Rahman)

International Development in Focus, 2020. Washington, DC: World Bank [pdf]

3) Chapters in books

Libyan Private Sector: Difficulties, Challenges, and Perspectives

(with Aminur Rahman)

In: The Long Road to Inclusive Institutions in Libya: A Sourcebook of Challenges and Needs.

edited by: Irhiam, H., Schaeffer, M., and K. Watanabe.  Chapter 7. International Development in Focus series. Washington, DC: World Bank

Industrial Policy in BRICS Countries: Similarities, Differences and Future Challenges

In: Structural Change, and Industrial Development in the BRICS

edited by Naudé, N., Szirmai, A. and N. Haraguchi. Chapter 16. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015

Industrial Policy

In: International Development: Ideas, Experience, and Prospects

edited by Currie-Alder, B., R. Kanbur, D. Malone and R. Medhora. Chapter 32. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014

Theoretical Arguments for Industrialization-Driven Development

(with Tommaso Ciarli).

In: African Industrial Development and European Union Cooperation

edited by Matambalya, F., Chapter 2. Routledge, 2014

The Italian Economy, the Economic Crisis and Industrial Policy

In: Structural Change, Competitiveness and Industrial Policy

edited by Teixeira, A., Silva, E., and R. Mamede, Chapter 12. Routledge, 2014 [pdf]

Survey of the Literature on Successful Strategies and Practices for Export Promotion by Developing Countries

(with Marianna Belloc)

In: Economic Challenges and Policy Issues in Early Twenty-First-Century Sierra Leone

edited by Johnson, O.E.G., Chapter 7, 226-277, 2012. International Growth Center, London [pdf]

Industrial Policies in Developing Countries. History and Perspectives

In: The Political Economy of Capabilities Accumulation: The Past and Future of Policies for Industrial Development

edited by Cimoli, M., Dosi G. and Stiglitz, J. E., Chapter 5, 2009. Oxford University Press [pdf]

Il Negoziato sui Prodotti Manufatturieri

(with Luca De Benedictis and Francesco Romanelli) [in Italian].

In: Il Doha Round e il WTO. Una valutazione quantitativa degli scenari di liberalizzazione commerciale

edited by Guerrieri P. and Salvatici, L. (eds.), Capitolo 3, 69-98, 2008. Il Mulino, Bologna

Formule di Riduzione Tariffaria ed Effetti sulla Distribuzione dei Dazi dei Prodotti Manufatti [in Italian]

(with Luca De Benedictis).

In: RAPPORTO ICE 2007, Chapter 3, 2008, 156-164

4) Reports

Sierra Leone's National Export Strategy: Implementation Issues and Recommendations

(with Marianna Belloc),

IGC Working Paper 11/1018, January 2012

Survey of the Literature on Successful Strategies and Practices for Export Promotion by Developing Countries

(with Marianna Belloc),

IGC Working Paper 11/0248, June 2011

Industrial Policies for the Structural Transformation of African Economies: Options and Best Practices

(Paper commissioned by the United Nations Commission for Africa - UNECA), October 2010

5) Blog entries and Policy Briefs

Learning the hard way: The effect of conflict on education (with Tilman Brück and Sami Miaari) [April 2022].

How Much did Boko Haram Forbid Education in Nigeria? (with Abul Kalam Azad and Vasco Molini) [May 2019]. World Bank Blogs

How Conflict Disrupts the Economy: New Evidence from the West Bank and Gaza (with Francesco Amodio) [December 2018].

Trade Restrictions Lead to Lower Wages and More Violence (with Francesco Amodio and Leonardo Baccini) [October 2017]. ISID Policy Brief

Firms in Conflict: Adapt or Perish (with Francesco Amodio) [May 2014]. Economists on Conflict Group Blog

Conflict and Firm Dynamics: Some Issues and Some Wishes [August 2013]. Economists on Conflict Group Blog

Industrialization and food security [May 2013]. LDA Scholars' Development Blog